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Before and After

Incredible results and inspiring journeys; see some of our patients' before and after photos.

Phase I expander & upper braces for correction of crowding

Phase I cross bite correction using an expander & upper braces
phase 1 cross bite phase 1 cross bite

Phase II Final Result after upper & lower braces

phase II results

Crowding, non-extraction treatment using upper & lower braces
Crowding Non Extracton Crowding Non Extraction Crowding Non Extraction

Correction of crowding with upper & lower braces
Crowding Braces Crowding Braces Crowding Braces

Smile width enhanced to fully express facial beauty using upper & lower braces
Smile Width Enhanced

Correction of overbite and crowding with upper & lower braces
Correction of overbite & crowding Correction of overbite & crowding Correction of overbite & crowding

Correction of overbite using upper & lower braces
Correction of overbite Correction of overbiteCorrection of overbite

Correction of severe overbite with upper & lower braces
Correction of severe overbite Correction of severe overbiteCorrection of severe overbite

Orthodontic preparation for lateral incisor implant placement using upper & lower braces
Implant Placement Implant Placement
Absent lateral incisors replaced by dentist
Absent lateral incisors Absent lateral incisors



Combined orthodontic and surgical correction of under bite




Adult treatment with lower braces only
Adult Treatment

Adult treatment with upper & lower braces for correction of deep anterior overbite which was producing an uncomfortable bite
Adult Treatment Overbite Adult Treatment OverbiteAdult Treatment Overbite

Adult treatment with Invisalign for space closure
Adult Treatment Invisalign Adult Treatment InvisalignAdult Treatment Invisalign

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